The land of Ayni, 2018

Mixed media installation - performance

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Ayni is a central concept in the Inca-tradition.
It literally means mutuality or the fact that energies are constantly connected with each other. The Inca’s believe that when you give something to others or the world with great energetic intention, this energy will finally return back  to you in an increased level.
In The land of  Ayni Morena practises the concept of the Inca mutuality on the energetic interaction with her audience in a live performance.
As a strange vulnerable creature she walks on the street inviting people to let go of their daily patterns by walking with her to the unknown land of Ayni.
If  people trust her and feel tempted to follow, they actually ‘ Give’.
Once arrived at the land of Ayni Morena gives something in return by connecting everyone in a colourful installation where the performance achieves its higher spiritual goal. Sounds, movements, colours and video projections merge together in a special ritual where strangers get connected.