Imagine that you've been reborn in your own body
you know nothing about yourself, others and even life on earth
slowly you awake between the tepid grass of Mother Nature.

What is the first thing you will do?

Welcome to my portfolio website!

My story

Morena Bamberger (1994) is a young female artist and coach. Her work  receives its meaning through so many distinctive elements, that it could never solely be captured in only one painting. She rather creates new worlds and situations with main focus on adventure, discovery, deep powerful connections and the mystery of our hidden senses. Like the child that never grew up, she transforms  the most basic material into a magical authentic universe. Sculptures are changing into strange creatures, paintings feel like clouds or leaves and video images become mysterious reflections. Sometimes Morena calls herself the alpha she-wolf,  using artistic practice to lead other people and creatures to a world where daily patterns and habits are transmuted to moments of attention, deep connection and a sense of wonder. It’s all about the unity which emerges from a deep artistic movement of transcendence, in which she invites her audience to connect beautifully with her work and eventually with their own inner being.

I create worlds of pure energy, you can feel it..